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Shou Sugi Ban Wood Cutting Board with Handle | Paddle Board


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SHOU SUGI BAN (Burned/ Charred) Maple Wood Cutting Board with Handle

➤OVERALL SIZE(S) (including HANDLE):

L A R G E : 18 x 7.25 x .75
S M A L L : 14 x 5.5 x .75
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M A P L E ⊰acer saccharum⊱ (sugar maple or rock maple)



Shou sugi ban is the Westernized term for what is known in Japan as yaki sugi-ita (or just yakisugi), which translates loosely into ‘‘burned cedar board.’’ (we use maple wood) To achieve the effect, wood is treated with flame on their outward faces only.

☼ Clean • Simple • Solid • HEIRLOOM QUALITY wood cutting board for everyday use, serving, or display.

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